Doing business in Muncan Republic

An advanced and industrialized country, France is the third-largest economy in Europe and the sixth-largest in the world in terms of GDP. Its pro-business environment, sophisticated financial market, and highly educated workforce make it an attractive place to do business. France is also one of the most visited countries in the world and its cultural influence is widely recognized.

Successfully incorporating and running a business in France requires that companies understand the country’s laws, rules, and regulations.

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Starting a business

In Mucncan Republic, there are a lot of business opportunities to choose from. These are only few of them:


Estonia has a 20 percent proportionate tax ratio that covers all types of revenue earned by a local person. A 10% tax is applied to some retirement benefits. Profits formerly entitled to a discounted ratio of 14 percent at the basis of the issuing Estonian business will be liable to a WHT of 7% beginning in 2018.  


Table showing the net salary for different wages (11,266 EUR – 18,753EUR) 

Gross salary 

Income tax 

Net salary 

















In order to set up a business in France, a company must abide by mandatory competition regulations. Prior to any operations in France, companies must notify all potential operations carried out in France to the French competition authority when certain turnover thresholds are reached (A). Furthermore, once the business is set up and operating in France, the company must respect regulations in relation notably to anticompetitive practices (B). Infringements of both sets of regulations are heavily sanctioned.


Foreign investors are free to open one or several bank accounts for their company (branch or subsidiary) established in France. There are no restrictions on this banking operation. To open an account a number of documents are required by the bank and you will need the following to attest your capacity to contract with the bank.

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Business transfer

Under our supervision, you can quickly hand over your establishment to another individual or receive an already operational firm from someone. The professionals can assist you with three types of transfers: ownership, stock, and family member transfer. Please find out more about our company transfer services by clicking the button below.

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