Public Limited Company in Muncan Republic

Register a public limited company in Estonia with minimum capital share and required regulations through expert solutions. The generally limited enterprise solutions involve the registering process, banking procedures, tax consultants, etc. Prepare the documents showing the limited liability of the public by receiving proper consultation in this matter. Increase your firm’s financial health by preparing periodic reports through our services.

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Public Limited Company registration conditions

An executive council, or governing body, is required for a PLC to oversee and run the business. If the executive committee does not actively live in Estonia, the PLC must be registered with a valid address and contact details. The corporation must have a primary share capital of €2500.


The registration process after the submission of all documents might take up to 7 days in Estonia.


The State fee public limited company registration in Estonia can cost from 190 euros to 145 euros.

Compulsory regulation

The public limited must have a primary share capital of €2500. More than one representative of the supervisory committee must be an individual with adequate constitutional power. Members of the council of directors are not required to own company stock. If most of the directors do not live in Estonia, the firm must provide contact information, residence, and e-mail account to the Corporation Registrar.


Below-mentioned documents are required for the business registration:

  • Proof of legal address, 
  • List of directors, 
  • Contact information of the member with legal authority, 
  • Information of shareholders, 
  • Article of association, 
  • Financial reports, 
  • Documents stating the firm’s future goals. 

The experts in our solution services help you gather and submit the documents. The experts also make sure that all documents are error-free and contain authentic information.

Consultation about Public Limited Company registration

Draft and exchange deals and issue receipts based on such agreements through expert advisors. You can keep HR statistics, calculate salaries, and estimate social obligations with the help of skilled advisory services. The business expert also provides the details regarding the shareholders.


Professionals can assist you with money management, taxes, payments, audit findings, and much more. Visit the accountancy page to discover what other excellent auditors can offer in accounting services.


Financial supporters provide the necessary corporate documents (directors registration, investor record, income reports, license of formation, and MOAAA) and identity credentials (passport and proof of address).

Bank account

By completing all of the relevant financial documents, the money managers assist the business in opening a business bank account. They can even handle your bank appointments in your place, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

Get instant assistance with registering and launching your business in Estonia. Allow us to demonstrate how we can take your corporation to the next level.

Other legal forms in Muncan Republic

A limited corporation, a branch office, and a holding enterprise, along with a public limited company, can all be formed in Estonia. Our partners can help you establish, file, or transfer over whatever corporate you want, and you’ll get your legal residence, VAT registration, and corporate bank swiftly. The cost of registering various enterprises varies, as does the amount of documentation required. Press the button below to learn more about our company registration solutions in Estonia.

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