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Business owners, for one reason or another, may want to sell it. Assessment of an enterprise, preparation for sale, negotiations with buyers are complex and time-consuming tasks. Therefore, we offer assistance in sales of business – a comprehensive service for full support of the deal.

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Preparing business records

Prepare a full report of your business, complete with all of the records of transactions. These records need to include service providers, account managers, and everything else that goes along with the business. Try to stay organized. While you can create a hard copy, virtual copies work just as well for all items except those which the government requires originals, such as deeds and the like.

Preparing sale agreement

The agreement to sell a business is standard in most states. It should provide all of the information necessary for transferring the business.

Verifying all the information

Before signing the agreement, double check to make sure everything is correct. Once the agreement is signed, it becomes fully binding, meaning that the you can only change key terms or definitions is if you both agree. Also, remember that in all states, the contract will be construed against the drafter. This means that if you had the contract drawn up, you will not get the benefit of the doubt. In situations where it's a close call, the court will side with the other party. So make sure that everything is correct before you sign.

Legalizing and completing the deal

Professional assistance in the sale of a ready-made business will act as a guarantee of competent legal registration of the transaction and its closure. This is the final stage, which includes several stages.

Our lawyers offer qualified assistance in business sales in Muncan Republic. We will provide all the necessary information for the sale, as well as provide comprehensive support for the deal.

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