Increase the Share Capital of Muncan Republic company

The share capital of a company may be increased by issuing new shares or by the company’s own funds being transferred from unrestricted equity to share capital (bonus issue).

A new issue means that the company is supplied with new capital or reduces its debt. A bonus issue involves, however, only an accounting reposting from unrestricted equity into share capital, and will not supply fresh capital to the company or reduce its debt.

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Consultation about share capital increasing

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Alteration of AoA


Alteration of MoA


Drafting of Resolutions


Filing of forms with ROC


Documents required to increase share capital

The documents must be filed with the MCA within 30 days after obtaining consent from the shareholders for the share capital increase. The standard resolution for private firms is merely SH-7, and MGT-14 is not required.

  • Digital signature certificate: A copy of a DSC from any authorised director of the company
  • Memorandum of Association: A copy of the modified or latest version of the MoA
  • Articles of Association: A copy of the modified or latest version of the AoA
  • Certificate of incorporation: A copy of the company’s incorporation certificate
  • PAN card: A copy of the company’s PAN card.

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