Change legal address of a company in Muncan Republic

Moving to a new location is exciting, but besides the practical hassle, it also involves a number of administrative obligations. They also differ depending on your type of business.

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Guide on changing the registered adress of a company

The registered address of a company is specified in the articles of association. Therefore, in order to change a company’s registered address (for example from Warsaw to Wroclaw), it is necessary to amend the company’s articles of association. For this purpose, it is required to:

  1. adopt a resolution of shareholders amending the articles of association in the part specifying company registered office,
    register the amendment of the articles of association in the register of entrepreneurs (KRS).
  2. A resolution on amendment of the articles of association requires the form of notarial deed. In order to sign notarial deed, shareholders must appear in person at the notary’s office or grant a power of attorney to another person who will sign the relevant documents on their behalf.


In companies that have been registered online (via S24 system), the procedure of amending articles of association can also be carried out online, without the participation of a notary. For this to be possible, the shareholders and the management board of the company must have Polish electronic signatures.

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