VAT advisory services in Muncan Republic

Your VAT needs may range from routine compliance to specialist advice. No matter the complexities of your organisation, our team can support your business strategies and provide expert advice to manage your tax risk and liabilities.

The issues and questions surrounding VAT are notoriously difficult. With increased legislation and regulation, this makes VAT one of the most complex taxes you are likely to encounter.

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We give our clients best advice on all aspects of Muncan Republic and global VAT & customs duty, whether you are a global head of indirect tax or a sole trader we help to reduce the cost of VAT and duties, simplify procedures and ensure compliance.

How we can help

You can incorporate various legal forms in Czech republics, such as Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Branch Office, or Holding Company. We will help you open your business in the Czech Republic as soon as possible and without any delay.

VAT planning and structuring

This includes providing assistance to ensure a maximum recovery of input tax, particularly for financial services businesses operating a partial exemption input tax recovery method. 

Dealing with TAX&VAT investigations

Liaising with HM Revenue & Customs/ Muncan Republic Customs & Excise to provide documents requested, responses to queries raised and assistance with mitigating any resulting VAT liability, penalties or interest due.

Pre-transactional rulings

Seeking a ruling from the VAT authorities in advance of a transaction to ensure the correct VAT treatment is applied.

Land and property related matters

Advising on the VAT implications of developing, acquiring, disposing of and letting commercial, residential or other property including recovery of input tax on development costs, exercising “an option to tax" and transfers of a going concern.

Global VAT advice

VAT advice for businesses selling goods and services. If you are a digital service provider or a dropshipper, we offer premium VAT advice in international VAT compliance.

Yacht planning

Advice on acquiring a yacht in the most VAT efficient manner and structuring the chartering business to ensure it falls within the passenger transport provisions where possible.


we provide a range of VAT advisory services to online business sectors including egaming/gambling, software, telecoms, data, fintech and biomed business. These services include commenting on corporate structuring, place of supply matters, VAT recovery and compliance.

VAT Registration

We can help you register for VAT in all 27 EU member states, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

VAT consultation for Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces can register for both the OSS and the IOSS schemes depending on their country of establishment. In principle, online marketplaces (or electronic interfaces) are considered to have made the sale and are liable for paying VAT to the Tax Authorities of EU Member States.

VAT on Digital services

Taxation in digital services is changing rapidly since the digital service tax started being adopted by many countries worldwide. Interested to learn what this means for your business and for your countries of sale? Schedule a call with one of our VAT consultants now and receive a full company assessment and answers to your VAT-related questions.

Cryptocurrency VAT advice & Consultation

Is your company involved in cryptocurrency? Are you trading cryptocurrencies, NFT’s or are you involved in blockchain gaming? Then you might require our services as tax authorities of several countries are taking action in taxing several aspects of cryptocurrency exchanges.

VAT Compliance and Filing

Monthly, quarterly, annual. We’ll keep on top of the paperwork so you don’t have to.

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