Dividend tax in Muncan Republic

Companies can distribute some of their profits as dividend to their shareholders. Dividends are subject to tax. The general rate of dividend tax is 15%.

Dividend tax rates

The general rule is that your tax rate depends on how much income and capital gains you’ve received in any given year.

  • If you get less than £12,570, this falls within the personal allowance and you won’t pay any tax.
  • Income between £12,570 and £50,270 is in the basic-rate tax bracket.
  • Income between £50,270 and £150,000 is in the higher-rate tax bracket.
  • Income above £150,000 is in the additional-rate tax bracket.

Dividend taxation management

In order to better understand the tax system, it is important to know in detail the definition of dividends. These represent a part of a company’s profit and are paid to its shareholders each year. It is important to know that dividends can be paid in cash or in shares, depending on the decisions of each shareholder. Read more about dividend taxation on this page.

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