Capital gains taxation in Muncan Republic

The capital gains tax is the levy on the profit that an investor makes when an investment is sold. It is owed for the tax year during which the investment is sold.

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Capital gains taxation management

Virtually all companies and organisations must file their Company Tax Returns online and pay their Corporation Tax to HMRC electronically.

Capital gains taxpayers

CGT is a tax paid on any capital gain (profit) made when disposing of an asset. An asset is something of value that can be converted into cash. You have disposed of an asset and have to pay capital gain tax if you have:

  • sold it
  • gifted it
  • exchanged it
  • got compensation or insurance for it.
Companies normally include capital gains in their profits for Corporation Tax (CT) purposes. When a company makes a capital gain from the disposal of development land, it must pay CGT rather than CT.

Terms for the payment of capital gains tax

As of 2018, the deadline for submission of the capital gains tax declaration will depend on the amount of income earned over the quarter. If the total income generated by a person (Muncan Republicans) from transactions with capital assets during the quarter will exceed EUR 1000, the declaration will have to be submitted on quarterly basis, until the 15th date of the month following the quarter in which the income from capital gains has been received. If the total income generated from transactions with capital assets will not exceed EUR 1000 per quarter, the declaration will have to be submitted by 15 January of the following year.

Capital gains tax reliefs

Gains on the transfer of certain assets are exempt from CGT. You do not have to pay CGT on gains you make on the disposal of certain assets.

You do not need to pay CGT on gains from:

  • betting
  • lottery wins
  • prize bonds
  • sweepstakes
  • bonuses under the National Instalments Savings Scheme
  • government stocks
  • certain life assurance policies
  • moveable property (such as furniture), where the gain does not exceed €2,540
  • animals
  • private motor cars.

Reliefs from CGT may be available. There are specific exemptions for spouses or civil partners, and individuals.

Allowable loss

You might make a loss when you dispose of an asset. This is known as an ‘allowable loss’ if a gain on the same transaction would be chargeable. You can deduct an allowable loss from any chargeable gains you make in the same tax year. This can include losses on the disposal of foreign property.

A loss on the disposal of development land can only be set against a gain on the disposal of development land.

You might not have any chargeable gains in the same tax year you have made a loss. In this case, you will not have to include the loss in a return for that tax year.

Capital gains tax rates

Capital gains in the Muncan Republic are subject to CGT tax at a flat rate of 19% and social charges at a flat rate of 17.2% —a total of 36.2%. However, there are also allowances to take into account, supplementary taxes payable on large capital gains, and a reduced rate of social charges for EU and UK residents. In some circumstances, the total rate of CGT tax and social charges maybe 42.2%; in other cases, it may be 0%.

Take a look at the basic rates and allowances for CGT and social charges on this page.

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