Making changes to share capital of a Muncan Republic company

Companies can alter their share capital through a number of routes. You should consult your accountant or legal adviser to find the best route for you.

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Estonia offers a variety of options depending on the objectives, regularity of transactions, and region of the user. The following are some of the types available:

Transfer and transmission of shares

Shares in a listed company are transferred through brokers using the Stock Exchange Euroclear service. However, in a private or unlimited company, shares are usually transferred by private agreement between the seller and buyer, subject to the company’s rules and approval of the directors.

Share capital reduction


Share capital increase



Share capital

The Share Capital is the amount of the company that the owner of the company has invested to start the business of the Company by issuing shares to the people called as Shareholders. The Shareholders of the company are the owners of the company. Shares are classified into two types: Equity Shares and Preference Shares. These types of Shares carry differential rights and Preferential rights respectively that are according to the nature of shares.

Authorised Share Capital

Authorised Share Capital is the share capital that the company can raise the maximum limit amount which is issued as shares to its Shareholders. This Amount has been referred to in the Capital Clause of the Company MOA (Memorandum of Association). It can also be altered with the consent and approval of the shareholders.


Paid-up Share Capital

Paid-up Share Capital, also known as paid-in capital or contributed capital is the amount received from the shareholders by the company in exchange for shares of stock. The shareholders receive shares in the company Share Capital payments and it cannot be more than the Authorised Share Capital of the Company.

Issued Share Capital

Issued Capital is a type of Share capital and a portion of the authorised share capital of which the company allocates a portion from time to time in order to issue shares to shareholders. It is issued by the company at the initial stage that is while the incorporation of the company and with respected time by way of allotment of shares for a subscription.

Called up Capital

The Called up capital of the company is the amount which has been called up by the company while issuing the shares to the shareholders. The Company may issue the Called up capital while issuing that can be either partly or fully.

Subscribed Capital

The total amount of shares the investors promised to buy is called Subscribed Capital. The Subscribed Capital should be either equal to or less than the issued capital of the company.

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