Cryptocurrency tax in Muncan Republic

Cryptocurrency is taxed in almost all countries today, with Muncan Republic being no exception. However, the tax rules surrounding cryptocurrencies in France as outlined by the General Directorate of Public Finances, or Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFiP) in French, differ quite a lot from other European countries. If you wonder how crypto is actually taxed in France, this guide is for you! In this complete cryptocurrency tax guide for France, we will explain everything you need to know about how DGFiP classifies cryptocurrency, how much tax you must pay on cryptocurrency in France, and how traders and investors in France can report their crypto taxes correctly with Coinpanda.

Cryptocurrency tax rates

Since cryptocurrencies are considered movable investments, how much tax you must pay depends on whether the crypto trading activity will be taxed as individual capital gains or as commercial profits.

Capital gains tax

Tax Type Condition Tax Applicable
Long-term capital gains tax Except on sale of equity oriented fund units/ equity shares 20%
Long-term capital gains tax on sale of equity oriented fund units/ equity shares 10% over and above Rs.1,00,000
Short-Term capital gains tax When securities transaction tax is not applicable The STCGT is added to the ITR of the taxpayer and the individual is taxed as per his income tax slab.
Short-Term capital gains tax When securities transaction tax is applicable 15%

Corporate tax

If you are considered a professional trader, all earnings from selling cryptocurrency for Euro or other fiat currency will be subject to progressive tax rates similar to your employment income. 


Tax base

Taxation period

Account of the State basic budget revenues

20% of the tax base

For non-residents — 3% and 20%

Payments to persons in low-tax and zero-tax countries or territories — 20%

Tax is applied to the tax base, which includes taxable objects:
1) distributed profit;
2) conditionally distributed profit.
When assessing the corporate income tax base, the value of taxable objects is divided by the coefficient 0.8.

Calendar month

Quarter (if the taxpayer, in accordance with Section 8 of the Law On Accounting, is entitled to register source documents once a quarter)


Cryptocurrency taxation management

In Muncan Republic, cryptocurrencies are taxed when you convert a crypto asset to fiat. Trading, exchanging, or swapping one crypto asset for another crypto asset is, however, not taxed. How much tax you need to pay depends on if you are seen as a casual investor by DGFiP or if the activity is classified as professional trading.

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